Ayurveda is a system of holistic medicine that has been practiced in Sri Lanka for the last 3,000 years using solely medicinal herbs and other natural ingredients.Ayurveda is recommended for those seeking health through an inward balance of the bio-energies, where the interplay between the mind, body and soul are given due attention. Most Ayurvedic therapies aim to achieve a perfect equilibrium of these energies without the harmful side effects and the painful procedures that one may encounter with many other treatments.

Ayurveda offers many benefits. It is a gateway to health, beauty and longevity through nature’s benevolence and wisdom. Ayurveda treatments can :-

  • Rejuvenate your body and provide you with a new lease of vital energy;
  • Invigorate your powers of resistance and immunity;
  • Purify your system by ridding your body of harmful toxins and pollutants that may have accumulated over the years;
  • Enhance natural healing;
  • Help combat chronic illnesses; and
  • In some instances, cure the terminally ill where other medicine have failed.